Aspiring Director/Actress and Competitive Dancer Share their Take on Vermont Gossip


“I was born in the Rutland hospital,” Maya Redington said. Redington, 17, and pictured on the right in the above photo has lived in the area ever since. “I like it. I think people have a lot of opinions on Rutland, but I have hometown pride.”

Zoey McFadden was born in Randolph. She lives part time in Rutland and part time in Stockbridge.

“I think that there is a strong sense of Rutland community, but there’s also a few stragglers,” Redington said.

McFadden, 15, said, “I think our community [in Stockbridge] is definitely pretty strong. When the flood of Irene happened a few years ago everyone just came together and just worked together to make things better. We were estimated to not have power back for at least a month and a half and we got it back in three weeks just by the community working together.”

Redington is a waitress, “Up where her mom has a café. But I also direct and I act a little bit too, and my dad is a musician so I do a little bit of that too but it’s mostly hobbie stuff.”

Redington said she thinks there is an underground scene in Rutland that slips past the local media. “I think there’s probably always some awesome cool underground things that aren’t being covered by the local media. I think everywhere. I think Rutland has good potential for stuff like that too. In the arts community I definitely know a lot of cool things happen under wraps and a lot of cool bands and stuff like that that isn’t always covered.”

Redington said she thinks Senator Bernie Sanders is a leader in Vermont. “Bernie Sanders is definitely a humungous leader right now. He’s totally dominating and I think we all hope the best for him.”

Redington is mixed on whether or not we challenge our children seriously enough from the beginning. “I think it depends on the child. I think some children definitely can strive to be pushed farther and take on certain roles and challenges that others might not be able to handle right away, but are led into it later in life.”

Redington said our instincts are as complex as other animals. “I think for some people it’s different but I think our instincts are huge and are hugely important to everything in life.”

Redington said she believes emotions are instincts. She doesn’t have an opinion on legalizing pot. “Personally for me I don’t really care either way.”

Redington said, “I do a lot of stuff in the arts. I’m really into film. So I hope to make film and be in film some day.”

McFadden said, “I’ve danced competitively for the past two years. Like tap and jazz and ballet.”

Redington was asked if America focuses too much on the economy and not enough on surviving together. “Unfortunately the world is run by money. So our economy since it’s definitely not been super good for the past few years that also has to do with us surviving and living and existing because the world revolves around [money].”

Redington would offer this advice to a group of youngsters. “I guess that your feelings and emotions are valid, and that don’t let elders belittle you too much because you are important and the things that you are thinking super matter in life and that I don’t know, but hold on and just keep doing you.”

Redington said climate change is a serious threat. “Yeah. It’s like September and how hot is it right now? I think something’s happening that’s not good. I couldn’t tell you what, but it’s really abnormally warm. Something’s up.”

When asked if it upsets her that some of her elders aren’t taking climate change seriously, Redington said, “Yeah. And I think some definitely are taking it seriously, but I think certain things are being too looked into when other things are just like under the radar needing to be looked at more.”

Redington said Vermont has lots of hidden gems, especially in their people. “I think of myself as a hidden gem which is like probably super egotistical to say but I just even in thinking that there’s probably so many more hidden gems.”

Redington said she does believe in a higher power. “I believe in something. I don’t know what I believe in but I definitely have faith in something of a higher power. So yeah.”


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