Burlington Man Wants Police to Be More Active in Community



Arnulfo Marquez who goes by JR because it’s easier for everybody to say is 21 and he moved to Vermont 21 years ago. He lives in Burlington and works at Five Guys. He likes living in Vermont, especially the food and the local atmosphere.

When asked if the Burlington community is strong JR said, “I’d say sort of strong, but not really strong enough.”

To make the community stronger JR said, “Pay attention to the crimes so you can actually catch the people who cause the crimes. It seems some of the officers don’t pay attention to some of the crimes or pay attention to certain people who look like they will cause a crime. Where I live some crimes have happened and it seems like people have already called the police where I live and they haven’t done anything. Just drive around and look and say, ‘Okay, it looks like there’s nothing going on here.'”

When asked if there is anything the local media isn’t covering JR said, “Some people I know are musicians and I feel like they aren’t noticed. Maybe cover some of the local musicians who feel like they’re not noticed or feel like their under achieved or don’t feel like they’re being appreciated.”

When asked who he saw as leaders in Vermont JR said, “People who take notice about things that go on around them and who are open to say ‘Okay I know this is going on so maybe this should happen.’ Then this will take action and follow through.”

JR doesn’t know who he is going to vote for governor yet.

When asked if children should be challenged more seriously earlier in life JR said, “Maybe. But if there’s like a really tough challenge that they might mess up, then yes. They can actually learn from their mistakes and say, ‘Okay I can work better to make better choices.’ Cause that’s how I was raised to believe: if I mess up okay I can make a better choice next time it happens.”

JR isn’t sure if human instincts are as complex as other animals.

“Some emotions are kind of instincts, yes.”

JR doesn’t support legalizing pot in Vermont. For hobbies and recreation JR cooks. “It kind of calms me down and keeps me organized.”

JR doesn’t know who his representatives are. “I try not to worry about all that.”

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