Florence Resident Says Focus More on Getting People Out of Social Programs and Into Work


Kim Webster has lived in Vermont all her life. She lives in Florence. Webster, 45, is an administrative assistant at Casella Waste. She is married and has one daughter.

“[Florence is] a very small community so it probably is a strong community,” Webster said, “but we actually pay our taxes and go to school in the town of Pittsford. So I think altogether yes it is a strong community. It’s a close knit group of people who look out for each other, care for each other, always willing to help each other.”

“I think that probably the creation of jobs and the way that Vermont doesn’t work to keep businesses here is probably something that needs to be covered [by the local media] more. My opinion is they don’t promote business growth but maybe try to push it out, so I think that that could be covered better.”

“I’d like to see Phil Scott become the governor, I think he would do a great job of leading us.”

“I think [kids] are way challenged enough. I think they don’t let them be kids anymore, so there’s not the time for the playing and getting them outside and letting them run around and be kids and I think they just push so much on their plates now. It’s crazy.”

When asked if she believes human instincts are as complex as other animals, Webster said, “I hope so.” When asked if emotions are instincts, Webster said, “Yeah. I think that they are because everyone feels them differently. It’s all in how your raised.”

“I hope we’re inclined to be good people.” Webster does not support legalizing pot in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation Webster said, “My daughter and I have a horse, we have dogs that we do dog diving with. I just like to be home enjoy my garden and that type of thing.”

Vermont Senator Peg Florey and Vermont Representative Charles “Butch” Shaw are Webster’s representatives. Webster believes they are doing a good job.

“I think that there’s a lot of focus on the economy but it needs to be done differently. I think that we need to focus more on getting people to work and less on the social welfare benefits.”

Webster’s advice to youngsters is, “Just follow your heart. Try to be true to yourself.”

The most pressing issues of our time, according to Webster, are “Probably a lot what’s going on with Isis and terrorism and that kind of thing keeping our border safe.”

“The whole state [of Vermont] is a hidden gem. I just think the agriculture and the nature and the apple orchards and the farms that are left getting out to see that and experience it.”

Webster does believe in God or a higher power.

When asked if youngsters should wear uniforms in school to reduce peer stress factors Webster said, “That’s a tough one. I understand the idea behind it. It’s good, but I still think you need to allow them to be individuals. There needs to be better teaching about bullying and respect for others and live and let live.”



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