Fair Haven Pair Fight to Reduce Homelessness in the Area


Jamie Stone is from Fair Haven she and Josh Preseau are leading a fight to house the homeless in Vermont. Their non-profit is called T.H.V.=Home-noLess. The T.H.V. stands for Tiny Homes Vermont.

Their project would provide tiny homes built from recycled material with composting toilets and solar energy to homeless in the area. They currently have enough recycled material to build their first home and they are waiting on a donation of land to start their project.

Stone said, “Right now we are working on becoming a non-profit. We have cards and we will be making fliers for more information. They will be totally self sustainable. Solar panels composting toilets and rain water catch systems. We are looking for donations of land. We are not 501(c)3 certified yet. We’re hoping that we will be able to piggy back  with another non-profit organization so that we can accept donations and hopefully find land to build these homes on. We’re thinking about a five home start process and it would be for veterans. We’re thinking get the people out of the hotels and into their own homes. Put the taxpayer’s money back in their pocket. I think it’s a win win situation. It’s environmentally friendly.”

“We just took some wood from Baxter street here in Rutland from a house that was being torn down. Ironically enough our project is building ghomes for the homesless wghile the city is tearing down himes to pbuild a park.”

“So we’re really hoping that it will go bigger. So right now THV has its own identity. Idea inspired. I was homeless at the age of 14 and I came to Vermont because I was a 17 year old and a drug addict and had been able to been blessed to not be homeless anymore, to have found recovery to have the heart to want to do this, and I guess from out of everybody’s experience comes the miracle.”

“I do the volunteer for Habitat for Humanity right now. Im in contact with Fair Haven Concern. Have talked to Ashley…she’s gone public and done many public interviews. We were thinking that it was going to be a Unicorp type non-profit. With several board members, no more than five, we have already reached out to the community and have many supporters gone as far as to make cards. Unfortunately there’s only an email address on there right now and a phone number, not a lot of information. We don’t have a website. I am on Facebook. I have placed my campaign on GoFundMe.”

“Josh and I have been dumpster diving many days and we have enough wood in our front yard right now that it’s taller than a vehicle to start building the first [home]. We received our first donation from a gentleman in Fair Haven, a gentleman who owns a car dealership it was a storm window.”

“It is a faith based. I hope that this will bring glory to God.”

Stone believes the community of Fair Haven is strong. “I think the only time you should be looking down, which Fair Haven seems to do quite a much of is look down, but they’re not looking down to judge they’re looking to reach to help out. TO help the person up. I’ve received nothing but support living in Fair Haven.”

“I moved here when I was 17 years old. I lived at Spring Lake Ranch, and I was a drug addict and a prostitute at the age of 14-17 years old in Hollywood, many other places, and I asked for help and was introduced to a recovery program and I was able to learn how to live. I came from a lot of chaos and hopelessness and I got to learn how to cook and plant potatoes and swim. I was able to raise two beautiful children. I’ve given up two children for adoption.”

“People that are being raised on the welfare system and drug addicts and drug families are only giving birth to more. And somewhere along the line there has to be one member of a family to be willing to break that chain and try to stop it.”

Stone believes that human instincts are more complex than in other animals. She does not believe that emotions are instincts. “I believe in creationism. I believe that there is a God. And I do not believe in evolution. If evolution was true we’d still be seeing it happen as we speak. That’s kind of logical and common sense.”

Stone’s favorite restaurant is Taco Bell.


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