The Vermont Bands Babytaker and Hamjob are Vermont Gems According to Rutland Lady

st. lawrence

Stephanie St. Lawrence has lived in Vermont for 23 years. “I like Vermont,” St. Lawrence said. She works at the College of St. Joseph’s in the kitchen and up at the Cortina Inn.

Asked if the community of Rutland is strong, she said, “I think it could use some help. I feel like the people need to come together a little more. We’re really separate. We didn’t always used to be so separate from each other.”

St. Lawrence said to make the community stronger it takes a long conversation. St. Lawrence sees Bernie Sanders as a leader.

“I think kids have enough challenge as it is just being kids. They go through a lot just having to learn how to be little adults. They have a lot going on.”

Asked if human instincts are as complex as other animals St. Lawrence said, “I think in some ways. [Kids] know when danger’s around, they know when to be scared, when to be happy. They can tell when family is there.”

St. Lawrence said when asked if emotions are instincts, “Emotions are emotions. Instincts are like, ‘I need to eat. I need to breathe. I need to sleep.’ Emotions are different. They are completely separate.”

When asked if she thought humans are innately selfless or selfish, St. Lawrence said, “I think it’s all in how you’re raised. I try to give as much as I can. I was told to do that.”

St. Lawrence supports legalizing pot in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation St. Lawrence said, “I like to paint. I paint a lot. I’ve been painting my door in my room, it’s a nice scene. I like to write. I’ve made videos. I went to Stafford for two years, video production. I actually had a commercial that aired around here for like 2011.”

Asked if we focus too much on the economy and not enough on surviving together, St. Lawrence said, “Yeah. I think. That definitely comes back the community thing, you know, we’re more focused on money, less on trying to keep people together keep people happy and feeling safe.”

St. Lawrence’s advice to youngsters would be, “Just be who you are. You’re looking at someone and you’re feeling like, ‘maybe I should be that way because oh, you know, they’re making it they’ve figured it out.’ But they didn’t figure it out either, they’re just as confused as you are.”

St. Lawrence said the most pressing issue of our time is women’s issues and minorities. “There’s a lot of equality things happening in the media right now, it’s just like women in the media and then other races are fighting back right now and there’s a lot of inequality. There’s a difference between fairness and equality, you know, everybody gets this but not everybody should get this because they already have it. They don’t have to have double what they already have.”

St. Lawrence touched on climate change. “I’ve seen a lot happening. The ice caps are melting, California’s falling into the ocean, there’s a drought. When I was younger I don’t remember hearing things that were this out of hand. It’s definitely changed pretty fast.”

On the idea of a carbon tax St. Lawrence said, “I guess I don’t really have a problem with being taxed more. I get my paycheck, I’m still able to buy my food and live my life. I’m not going to bitch about the small problems.”

St. Lawrence said Babytaker and Hamjob are two bands that are Vermont gems.

“I definitely don’t believe in any of the Gods mankind has made up. There probably is something out there, but we haven’t figured out who it is, what it is, but there’s something.”

St. Lawrence doesn’t believe high school students should wear uniforms. “That would cause more stress.”

When asked if she prefers organic whole foods or if it matters St. Lawrence said, “I’ve tried. It costs a little more. I don’t usually get to the coop that often or up to Hannaford’s. It’s easier to just do the shopping really quick and try to be as healthy as you can.”

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