Wilson Castle Curator Is Singer and Actor


Levi Nelson has lived in Vermont all his life. He is 28 years old. He is a native of Brandon. He is the curator at Wilson Castle in Proctor.

When asked what he likes about Vermont Nelson said, “We have options. We have city and we have country. And we are pretty widespread community, and the sense of community awareness is what I like.”

“There is a strong community┬á but it is a minority of the Rutland population, so we have a long way to come but I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

Nelson says Senator Bernie Sanders is a leader in Vermont. His happiest memory is Thanksgiving 1996 when all his family was in one place.

“Know your community. Know what’s going on around you. Know the people around you.”

Nelson says the most pressing issue of our time is community stability. “It’s not as though we didn’t have things going on here we do but we need to be aware of what those opportunities are. We have a lot of empty shop windows. I think we are moving in the right direction as far as shopping locally, but there’s more we can do. We have a lot of chain stores around here. I think we need to reduce the number of chain stores and keep the money here.”

Nelson believes climate change is a serious threat.

For hobbies and recreation Nelson said, “I’m a singer, I’m an actor. I do sword play, German broad sword. I teach. I have a couple of students around here, but mostly I do community theater we have a lot of venues for that and a lot of outlets for people who like to sing.”

“The things that I enjoy the things that I think deserve coverage are being covered but they’re not being covered by the right people through the correct venues. I think people need to hear more about the positive things. People are hearing about what kind of heroin problems we’ve got going on, and yes we do need to know about that, but we also need to know about the solutions.”

When asked if Vermont has any hidden gems Nelson said his place of work, the Wilson Castle, qualifies. “I’ve worked there for 13 years and most of our visitors are from out of state. We try to keep things affordable. We do weddings there. We do murder mysteries. We do daily tours 9-5 seven days a week.”


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