Poultney Woman Praises Gary Meitrott as Community Leader


Meg Wood, 18, has lived in Vermont her whole life. She lives in Poultney.

When asked if the community of Poultney is strong, Wood said, “Yes. Yeah I do. It’s almost like a small town in a book actually which is kind of sweet. The community is really tight knit. It’s one of those everyone knows everyone, but even if you don’t it’s just really helpful. Sometimes it’s kind of weird like everyone is family, but it’s still just really sweet and homey.”

When asked if she likes Vermont, Wood said, “Yeah, it’s a little cold for me and I’m ready to get out and see other things, but I do like it here.”

When asked if the average five year move rate and the practice of leaving home for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Wood said, “No. I think it’s natural for people to move away and find other places, you know, there are a lot of really nice places but not all of them can be home. And especially with younger generations, they need to find where they belong. That doesn’t mean the community is falling apart. There can be new people coming in and out. I believe the culture and dynamic can stay the same.”

When asked who she saw as community leaders, Wood said, “I’ve looked up a lot to, he’s a local director does a lot with the parade as well as his own business stuff. He does a lot of things with the community here and just a lot of um he’s very personal with the people he works with as well. He’s a great guy.”

When asked if elementary school students should be taught how to grow food, Wood said, “Not necessarily need to. I don’t believe it should be something per se required, but I think they would enjoy it and it’s definitely beneficial, I’m not opposed to it.”

Wood believes that our human instincts are as complex as other animals and believes that emotions are instincts that were selected  by nature for our survival.

When asked if human instincts should be taught to elementary school students and students should be taught to follow their good instincts, Wood said, “To a certain degree perhaps. I think at least a basic level of psychology could be beneficial to anyone, but again I don’t know about as far as requirements in balance with other things. But basic psychology stuff, yeah.”

Wood’s favorite Vermont band is Grace Potter.

When asked if courting rituals were alive and well or if they had died out, Wood said, “A lot of that has died out and courtesy in general kind of has, it’s hard to find. Which I guess makes it more valuable, but I don’t think it should be dying out especially as quickly as it has.”

Wood is on Facebook and she is interested in networking with fellow Vermonters to become the most networked state in the nation.

When asked if human instincts are to be good or to be selfish, Wood said, “Our natural instincts are selfish.”

She does not support legalizing pot in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation Wood said, “A lot of theater. I’m involved in the visual arts. Equestrian sport.”

When asked if we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together, Wood said, “I think they go hand in hand. I think we do need to adjust the focus a little bit so they’re more balanced but not necessarily too much.”

Wood’s advice to youngsters is, “Whenever you’re given an opportunity, whatever it may be, don’t pass that up. Too many times that that has slipped by me and especially while you’re still living at home you’ve got so much time to jump on that and it would benefit you so much. Any opportunities especially around here, just get on board with it.”

When asked what was the most pressing issue of our time Wood said, “Hopelessness. There’s a lot of selfishness, a lot of dying classical morals and values, and  a lot of hopelessness. I think that people need to see the value not only in themselves, but in each other.”

When asked if she thought climate change was a serious threat, Wood said, “I’m not sure on that one, actually. Not sure.”

When asked if she thought most Americans make a livable wage, Wood said, “Probably not after taxes. No. Not in recent years.”

When asked if there were any hidden gems in Vermont, Wood said, “Off the top of my head it’s hard to think of, but there are so many just going by gorgeous gorgeous things, just in the environment around here.”

Her favorite restaurant is the Coffee Exchange.

She does not believe that high school students should wear uniforms in an effort to reduce cliques. “I think that one’s physical appearance is part of how they, or at least can be part of how they express themselves. The cliquiness is kind of human instinct, but I don’t think we should suppress people’s creativity in order to try to diminish social stuff. There are other things that can be done.”


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