Rutland Man Says Most Pressing Issue of our Time is Violence and Negativity


Robert Brown, 45, has lived in Vermont for four weeks. He used to live in Burlington in the 90s. He is originally from Atlanta Georgia. “I said I was gonna come back when I got older.” He has three children. He works part time in janitorial services.

When asked if the community of Rutland is strong, Brown said, “Yes I do. It’s beautiful and strong. History and everything.”

When asked what could be done to make the community stronger, Brown said, “Everybody works together and all type of races. Police everybody works together. I don’t go by race. Everybody works together.”

When asked if there was anything the local media isn’t covering, Brown said, “I don’t think anything covered behind the doors closed. Maybe I’m reading wrong.”

When asked if the average five year move rate and the tradition of high school students moving away for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Brown said, “No. I can’t say that because everybody has to go to school and learn some college.”

Brown believes elementary school students should be taught how to grow food. “I learned when I was with H-H-H so 4 H-H when I was young. I was born in the country.”

When asked if human instincts were as complex as other animals, Brown said, “No. I really can’t answer that but I don’t think so.”

Brown does believe that emotions are instincts that nature selected for survival.

Brown does believe school students should be taught about instincts and taught to follow our good instincts. “I was told young about instincts. It’s a different society now. When I was brought up I was taught everything.”

Brown is on Facebook and he is interested in networking to help Vermont become the most networked state in the nation.

When asked if people tended more to be good or selfish, Brown said, “We got selfish and good people. It’s mostly between both.”

Brown says he doesn’t care if Vermont legalizes weed or not.

When asked what he does for hobbies and recreation, Brown said, “Football, baseball, soccer, you name it I do it, dodgeball.”

When asked if we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together, Brown said, “Yeah. Basically mostly focus on the economy. We should be surviving together. It should be equal fair share you know in the United States period.”

Brown’s advice to youngsters is “Stay in school. Obey your parents. Finish school and college. Play sports. Positive.”

When asked what the most pressing issue of our time is, Brown said, “Honestly violence all over America. Mostly negative really. Everything should be positive, you know. I believe in positive always. There’s a lot of negative. We all should be together. Grow together.”

Brown doesn’t know enough about climate change to know if it’s a serious threat. He doesn’t know if he would support a carbon tax.




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