South Burlington Lady Says Central Meeting Location in City Could Strengthen It


Sharon MacFarlane lives in South Burlington. She has lived in Vermont her entire life. She works at a travel company.

When asked if the community of South Burlington was strong, MacFarlane said, “No. There is no real community in South Burlington, but in the Burlington area there is definitely community.”

When asked what could be done to strengthen the community of South Burlington, she said, “It’s definitely more of a commercial area, so maybe less commercial and more of a residential or a center meeting location.”

When asked if there was anything lacking in the local news, she said, “I think it would be nice to hear more of the humanity stories in Vermont. What people are doing to help other people and for the environment and the good things people are doing not just all the bad stuff that happens.”

When asked if the average move rate of five years and high school students moving away for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, MacFarlane said, “No. In the Burlington community I know there’s a lot of people who are not locals and there’s definitely a great community of people who have moved here from out of state.”

MacFarlane believes elementary school students should be taught how to grow food in a hands on environment. “I think that would be a good skill for everyone to have.”

When asked if she thought human instincts were as complex as animal instincts, she said, “I think if your in touch with that part of yourself, yes, but I think animals are better at knowing instinctively what they should be doing, but humans I think we use our brain too much to dull out that part.”

MacFarlane does believe that emotions are instincts that nature selected for survival.

When asked if she lamented that courting rituals are dead, she said, “I don’t think they are still alive and no I don’t miss them.”

MacFarlane is on Facebook.

She believes humans are more instinctively good than selfish. She also supports legalizing pot. “Everyone can do what they want to do.”

“I spend a lot of time in the woods hiking. I read. Do crafts. I do a fair amount of yoga.”

MacFarlane’s advice to youngsters would be, “To listen to yourself. Follow what you know is right for yourself. Not to always be concerned about what society thinks is the correct thing for you to do. Cause I think we all deep down know what we’re supposed to be doing in life, but we let the distractions of society kind of dictate what we think we should be doing.”

When asked what the most pressing issue of our time was, MacFarlane said, “Just general human rights. That not everyone has health care or a livable fair wages. People decide that we need to make legislation to tell women if they can or can’t have abortions. I think that’s pretty pressing. It would be nice if everyone could make their own decisions and also live in a fair community.”

MacFarlane does believe that climate change is a serious threat and she would support a revenue neutral carbon tax to push us away from fossil fuels.

“Definitely the people are amazing. The natural terrain of the state, just finding those great little hiking trails that you can kind of get away from the business of the small cities in the state and just spend time in nature. There’s definitely a lot of those around.”



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