Young Rutlander Says Drug Use is Rampant


Aaron Alger, 21, has lived in Vermont since January. He lives in Rutland and works at Mother Clucker’s. He likes living in Vermont. “It’s pretty.”

When asked if the community of Rutland was strong, Alger said, “Not at all. There’s way too many drugs in this community that’s tearing it apart.”

When asked what could be done to improve the community, Alger said, “Start locking people up for doing drugs and not just put them on probation.”

When asked if there was anything being under reported in the local news, Alger said, “The drug use in Vermont.”

When asked if the average five year move rate and the practice of moving away after high school for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Alger said, “No because everybody’s gonna move eventually. No one’s gonna stay in one spot.”

When asked who he saw as leaders in Rutland, Alger said, “Drug dealers. They seem to run this place.”

Alger does believe elementary school students should learn how to grow food in a hands on environment.

Alger does believe our human instincts are as complex as other animals. “Yeah, to some aspects yes.”

Alger does believe that emotions are instincts that were selected by nature for survival.

Alger is on Facebook and he is interested in networking with fellow Vermonters to make Vermont the most networked state in the nation.

When asked if humans are more selfish or more good, Alger said, “Selfish. Well our instincts as a human are selfish cause you’re supposed to think about protecting yourself, but I wish there would be a focus more on everybody else and yourself, than just yourself.”

Alger does support legalizing weed in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation Alger likes to, “Read, watch movies, do random art projects.”

When asked if we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together, Alger said, “Yes. Everything is about money.”

Alger’s advice to youngsters is “Put your phone down and go out and do something.”

Alger said the most pressing issue is “Politics in general, how corrupt our government really is.”

Alger does believe that climate change is a serious threat and he would support a revenue neutral carbon tax to push us away from fossil fuels.

Alger does not believe most Americans make a livable wage. “I don’t and I’m an American.”

Alger’s favorite restaurant is Friendly’s.



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