We Interrupt Our Hibernation to Take Aim at Jay Hoffman

The disgraced South Burlington teacher, Jay Hoffman, who allegedly had sexual relations with an underage girl, possibly a student, in 2005 is fighting to keep his job.

We cannot afford to let this happen in Vermont. This teacher ought to be castrated and forced to work hard labor for the rest of his life. It cannot be overstated how destructive sexual relations between adults and children can be.

The intrusion into a child’s innocence breaks trust and makes delinquents out of our future office holders and doctors. It’s just one more intellectual with a sexual addiction and poor human values, choosing self over community.

This teacher is not unlike other sexual predators who use their position and reputation to take advantage of the weak instead of offering leadership and aid.

These are not the type of people who are welcome in Vermont, and the community should let this creep know his efforts to keep his job aren’t welcome here.