Prescription for Vermont

In the United States of America children are 90 times more likely to be prescribed medication than in Italy. It’s not that they are somehow sicker than children in Italy. Our doctors are simply over prescribing away the problems that come with child raising. We need to be more creative with our children. We need them taking on responsibilities younger in life. Always learning that it will some day be up to them to raise a family on their own and even support their parents.

Some of our doctors, I fear, have turned to the dark side and hopped in bed with Big Pharma which is the biggest hazardous drug cartel this world has ever seen. In all, 7 out of ten Americans take prescription drugs. It makes the doctors money in check ups it makes Big Pharma money in sales.

These drugs come with warnings on television that include serious side effects and even the possibility of death. And doctors are over prescribing opiates and pain killers and they are falling into the hands of the next generation of leaders. We have a heroin epidemic. Once hooked to the powerful drugs like Oxycontin teens turn to heroin to get their fix.  This is where we lose them for 50 years or more. We need them productive and happy and feeling fulfilled and wholesome and we need them gainfully employed.

This is where I believe Vermont could take a turn for the better of its future leaders and residents. I believe that every Vermont high school graduate should know how to grow and harvest his or her own food, make their own clothes and furniture and build a home and know how to handle a rifle and hunt. I believe we owe it to our children to show them the respect that they deserve to teach them like mini adults who will have to forage for their own someday after they are out of the protective custody of their parents. Maybe it’s better to be working with your hands and relying on your instincts and making $50,000 a year than working in a cubicle under constant stress making $100,000 a year.

Furthermore I believe that families should be able to divide their four acre or more property and build a second home for their children. These homes should be 100 percent energy independent and green. Only relatives could live in this new home for ten years after its completion. After that it could be sold, but my hope is that Vermont kids today set down roots in this great state. After all it is in one of the more protected areas of this country from the ravishes climate change will bring.

Vermont should legalize weed. Sales and cultivation of up to 50 plants. These harvests could be sold at farmers markets and you could smoke weed anywhere you can smoke a cigarette. When prescription drugs come with warnings of seizures, cancers, bleeding, stroke or death and Congress is okay with letting them go for sale in the open market, then surely a fucking plant that God grew for mankind can be grown and smoked without fear of legal consequences. And given that a new study found little or no impairment of marijuana on drivers, we should think about whether we really want to be Nazis about drivers high on weed. I don’t think we need that in this state.

Finally, we need to pass a revenue neutral carbon tax in this state and lead the nation as the first state to make such a move against the fossil industry. We don’t have anytime to waste in switching to renewable energy, electric cars and green homes. A revenue neutral carbon tax would put all the money it raised back to the people in green building and energy generation. It might be a short term sacrifice, but when we remember all our ancestors have sacrificed for us to be free it is a small burden to go without certain things in order to ensure our children and grandchildren have the best shot at life in this world after we’re gone.

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