Bennington Man Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child Should Get Life in Prison

A Bennington man was charged with sexual assault of a girl from the time she was five until she was a teenager. Just another of the grotesque misdeeds from a Vermont man who broke the public’s trust and turned his sexual addictions on a helpless victim. The man, Warren Lake, 59, should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Vermont should pass a law that would require a 30 year minimum sentence for adults who engage in sexual conduct with underage victims. In interviews that the Vermont Gossip has conducted there is support for a move like this. These sick puppies often get out after just a couple years behind bars and re-offend.

In the good old days authorities would have just hanged offenders in the public for all the people of the town to see. It’s unfortunate that we’ve lost our appetite for death sentences. With over population out of control and prisoners wasting tax payer money, we should find the heart to hang, a much cheaper method of execution, people who commit the most heinous crimes.

However, since there is no appetite for execution in Vermont child sex offenders should get a minimum of 30 years behind bars for their misdeeds.

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