Rutland Lady Says You Never Know You May Have to Fend For Yourself Someday


Annette Rider, 47, has lived in Vermont all her life. She lives in Rutland.

Rider does like Rutland but it has its problems according to her. “There’s a lot of drugs here.”

When asked what could be done to make the city of Rutland stronger, Rider said, “Get the drugs out of here.”

When asked how Rutland could get rid of the drugs, Rider said, “More drug awareness. More treatment. Instead of putting people in jail, offer them treatment. Jail’s not always the place to be putting drug addicts.”

Rider does like living in Vermont.

When asked who she saw as leaders in Vermont Rider cited Bernie Sanders.

Rider does believe elementary school students should learn how to grow food in a hands on environment. “Cause you never know. I mean you might have to fend for yourself some day.”

When asked if she thought human instincts are as complex as other animals, Rider said yes. She does believe that emotions are instincts.

Rider does support legislation that would make it illegal to charge women more than men for similar goods and services. “I don’t think it’s right that we’re paying more.”

Rider does not support raising the age you can buy cigarettes by one year each year until there is no longer anybody old enough to buy cigarettes in Vermont. “That’s taking away our rights.”

When asked who her favorite Vermont band is, Rider said, “I don’t know. Well you know back in the day it was 8084. They rocked.”

When asked if she laments that courting rituals are dead or if they are still alive and healthy Rider said, “There’s no such thing anymore. It’s all gone. Some guys will come to your door and open up your car door, but it’s not like it used to be.”

Rider is on Facebook and she is interested in networking with fellow Vermonters.

When asked if our instincts are more to be selfish people or good people, Rider said, “It depends on the person. Me, myself, I feel that I am a good person. It depends on the person really, how they were brought up.”

Rider does believe that pot should be legalized in Vermont.

When asked what she does for hobbies and recreation Rider said, “Well me, I’m in recovery, so I do a lot of recovery.”

Rider does believe we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together.

Rider’s advice to youngsters is, “Don’t do drugs.”

Rider believes the most pressing issue of our time is drugs. “There’s a lot of drugs out here that are killing everybody.”

Rider does believe that climate change is a serious threat and she would support a carbon tax to push Vermont away from dirty fuels.

Rider does not believe that most Americans make a livable wage. “It’s hard to live on one income.”

Her favorite restaurant is 99.

Rider likes organic foods. “My daughter is very organic so she tries to get me to eat healthy.”

When asked what can be done to keep children safe from sexual predators Rider said, “Keep them in jail.”

She does support drug testing welfare recipients and getting them into treatment if they test positive.

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