Rutland Native Praises Law Enforcement in Area


John Hadeka, 71, was born in Rutland Vermont.

When asked if he thinks the community of Rutland is strong, Hadeka said, “I think Rutland’s got more money than you know who. You look at all these mansions around here.”

When asked what could be done to make the community stronger, Hadeka said, “I think the law enforcement is awesome. They’ve attacked the drugs coming in on trains. They’ve stopped the opium coming in on trucks. I’ve tipped them off as much as I can. You used to have to write a letter in the middle of the night. Now you just go down and state your business down there and they either agree or disagree.”

When asked if he likes living in Vermont, Hadeka said, “Yeah, it’s good to be home. I’ve got roots here.”

Hadeka has two kids, 41 and 42.

When asked if the average move rate of once every five years and the practice of moving away from home for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Hadeka said, “No I think it’s good. I went to Myrtle Beach 25 years ago stayed 11 years, went to Indiana four years. I’ve been back here 8 years. I’m glad I saw the world.”

When asked if elementary students in rural areas should learn how to grow food in a hands on environment Hadeka said, “Sure. They start preschool down here and start computers at 4 or 5 years old. I took botany at UVM I never forget the first day the professor wrote this is a root this is a shoot he drew a line.”

When asked if he thought human instincts are as complex as other animals, Hadeka said, “I think our instincts are probably the most powerful on earth. One of self preservation, no matter what you’re doing: fighting a war or arguing with your wife.”

When asked if emotions are instincts, Hadeka said, “Yeah, when you cry you let it all out. Get rid of it.”

When asked if he thought students should be taught about their instincts and taught to follow their good instincts, Hadeka said, “Absolutely.”

When asked if he supported legislation in Vermont that would make it illegal to charge women more than men for similar goods and services, Hadeka said, “Women are still making less for the same service and Bernie’s going to have a $15 an hour entry level minimum wage.”

When asked if he supported Vermont legislation that would raise the age you could buy cigarettes one year each year until there was no longer anyone old enough to buy cigarettes in Vermont, Hadeka said, “I think 21 is a good age. What is it now? 18? Yeah 18 if you can go in the army…they let you drink a little at the PX at 18 too. Military makes its own rules.”

When asked who he would vote for for the next Governor of Vermont Hadeka said, “It’ll be Democrat I’m for the working person.”

When asked if he lamented that courting rituals were dead or if they were still alive and healthy, Hadeka said, “Back in the old days you bundled ┬ábefore marriage. You just put on all your winter clothes and your father opened the door. When I was in high school if you got somebody pregnant that means you got married. Shotgun wedding. I went out with a lot of them but I didn’t want to marry any of them. I was 24 when I got married. Yeah, I think courting is unbelievable important.”

When asked if our instincts were more to be selfish or good, Hadeka said, “I hate to be selfish. That’s a no, no. It’s got to be more to the good.”

For hobbies and recreation, Hadeka said, “Play the piano, walk my dog.”

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