Rutland Native Says Clem’s Italian Soda is a Hidden Gem in Vermont


Jessica Harrington, 21, has lived in Vermont her whole life. She lives in Rutland.

When asked if she thinks the community of Rutland is strong, Harrington said, “I think it could use a little work. I would say the drugs. Cause where I live, it’s still a big thing.”

When asked what could be done to make the community stronger, Harrington said, “I would have to let that go to the police. They would have to figure out what to do to get rid of the drugs in the town.”

For work, Harrington said, “I’m actually trying to get into a program with Precise. It’s a medical company.”

Harrington does like living in Vermont. “I do,” she said. “Besides the snow which we didn’t get a lot of this year, so I’m good.”

When asked if the average move rate of five years and the practice of high school students moving away for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Harrington said, “I think with Vermont it has a tendency to make the state a little older because a lot of the college age students like to go out of state.”

When asked who she saw as leaders in Vermont, Harrington said, “Bernie Sanders. He’s the one I’ve been following. I’ve actually met Senator Leahy once. He was alright. I didn’t really talk to him much.”

When asked if she believed that elementary students should learn how to grow their own food in a hands-on environment, Harrington said, “Yes. So they know how to grow their own food. So that way they can learn that early on so they would know it for later.”

Harrington doesn’t know if human instincts are as complex as other animals, but she does believe that emotions are instincts.

When asked if instincts should be taught in school and students should be taught to follow their good instincts, Harrington said, “I think they should not make it the base of teaching but do it in class, sure.”

Harrington would support Vermont legislation that would make it illegal to charge women more than men for similar goods and services.

She would also support legislation that would raise the age one could buy cigarettes by one year each year until there were no one else old enough to buy cigarettes in Vermont.

When asked who her favorite Vermont band was, Harrington said, “There was one called midnight something. I saw them a while ago.”

When asked if courting rituals are dead or if they are still alive, Harrington said, “I think that technology sort of takes a lot of personality out of it, but I think we haven’t lost them that much.”

Harrington is on Facebook and she is interested in networking with fellow Vermonters.

When asked if our instincts are to be more selfish or more good, Harrington said, “I have to say it depends on the person. Cause some people can be more selfish than others.”

Harrington does support legalizing pot in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation Harrington says she does “a lot of boring things. I actually like Netflix.”

When asked who her state representative is, Harrington said, “I’ve met her once. I don’t remember her name besides Peggy.”

When asked if Vermonters focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together, Harrington said, “Yes and no. Because the economy is sort of what helps, though it’s a crappy economy right now, and surviving together would also be a good thing to do.”

Harrington’s advice to youngsters is, “Stay in school, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs.”

When asked what the most pressing issue of our time is, Harrington said, “I would have to say minimum wage. Because a lot of people have trouble living off just 9.70 an hour. I had that and it’s not that good especially if you’re a single parent.”

Harrington has a four year old.

Harrington does believe that climate change is a serious threat but she is divided about whether or not she supports a carbon tax. “Yes and no. Taxes on that would be very helpful. Maybe it would help us actually do clean energy, but at the same time, that’s more money out of taxpayer’s pockets especially people who can’t afford that money being taken out of their pocket.”

Harrington does not believe most Vermonters make a livable wage. “A lot of people in Vermont, I know quite a few, they work two jobs maybe even three and they still need food stamps.”

When asked if there were any hidden gems in Vermont, Harrington said, “Well I like Clem’s. Especially their Italian sodas. Try the cherry blossom.”

“I believe there is a higher power. I don’t believe there’s just one.”

Harrington’s favorite restaurant is 99.

When asked what can be done to stop sexual predators, Harrington said, “Being less forgiving and being more cruel. Not a year or two years, but a long time. Scaring a child should not only give you two years in jail.”

Harrington does believe that welfare recipients should be drug tested and offered treatment if they test positive.

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