Wallingford Lady says Everybody in Her Community Helps Everybody Else Out


Jessica Forrest, 42, has lived in Vermont her whole life. She lives in Wallingford.

When asked if her community is strong, Forrest said, “It’s a small tight knit community where everybody helps everybody else out.”

When asked if she likes living in Vermont, Forrest said, “Yes, very much.”

Forrest is married and has five children: 22, 17, 15, 11 and 8.

When asked if there was anything the media isn’t covering, Forrest said, “Unemployment in this area seems to be pretty high and the homelessness. I know they report on it but I think it’s pretty bad in Rutland.”

When asked if the average five year move rate and the practice of high school students leaving for college had the effect of ripping communities apart, Forrest said, “No, I don’t. ‘Cause I think that home is always home and so if they can go out and get experiences and knowledge and bring it back to where they came from I don’t think that would be ripping it apart.”

When asked who she sees as leaders in Vermont, Forrest said, “I think Shumlin has done a great job. Of course Bernie Sanders has always been a leader. The Weinberg’s…”

When asked if she believes every student should be taught how to grow food in a hands on environment, Forrest said, “Yes, definitely, because it’s something that they can use in adulthood. It’s something I think everyone should learn how to do to be self sufficient.”

When asked if she believes that human instincts are as complex as other animals, Forrest said, “Yes. I think so.”

When asked if she believes that emotions are instincts, Forrest said, “No. Nope. I don’t think so. I think emotions are something that we create ourselves out of our own intellect. So I think emotion comes from intellect which I don’t see any other animals having.”

Forrest would support legislation that would make it illegal to charge women more than men for similar goods and services. “I would support legislation on that aspect, yeah, because it’s discrimination.”

Forrest would not support legislation that would raise the age one could buy cigarettes in Vermont by one year each year until there was no one old enough to buy cigarettes anymore.

Forrest does not know who she is going to Vote for for the next governor of Vermont.

When asked who her favorite Vermont band is, Forrest said, “Gosh, I don’t even know if they’re still together, but it was Voodoo Alien Blues band.”

When asked if courting rituals are dead or if they are still alive and healthy, Forrest said, “I think they’re alive and healthy, but they’re different; way different than they used to be.”

Forrest is on Facebook but she rarely uses it. So don’t try to network with her.

“I think more to be…hmmm…instincts wow. That’s a hard one. Personally it’s to be good, but I can, God um. That’s a hard question. I don’t know that I can answer that.”

Forrest does support legalizing pot in Vermont.

For hobbies and recreation Forrest said she likes music, likes to hike, likes gaming and cooking.

Forrest said when asked if we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together, “Probably.”

Forrest’s advice to youngsters is, “Keep your head up. These are tough times. I wouldn’t want to be a youngster today. It’s so much different. And I would say keep your family close.”

When asked what is the most pressing issue for her right now, Forrest said, “Global warming, yeah, I think ISIS is probably right up there with it, terrorism. Both of them are equally dangerous at this point.” Forrest would support a carbon tax.

Forrest does not believe that most Americans make a livable wage.

When asked if Vermont has any hidden gems, Forrest said, “Yes, but I couldn’t possibly name them all right now. But, yes, I think Vermont has many many hidden gems. I think if people came here for vacation and they had a tour book of all the different things they could go to it would take them months to go to them all.”

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