Burlington Lady Credits City Festivals for Bringing Together People from Different Cultures and Backgrounds

Allison Castile, 22, has lived in Vermont for three years. She lives in Burlington.
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the community of Burlington is strong?”
Ms. Castile: “Yes.”
Vermont Gossip: “How so?”
Ms. Castile: “I would say I love the community here because everyone seems to be very polite and also very considerate of other people. I also really like just the festivals they have here cuz I think that helps people come together from different cultures and different backgrounds.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s newsworthy and relevant in your life right now?”
Ms. Castile: “I don’t know. I’m at a pretty stagnant point in my life, so really all I mainly pay attention to is the news, like politics and stuff like that.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you do for work?”
Ms. Castile: “I am a human services worker.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you like living in Vermont?”
Ms. Castile: “I love it. Yeah, I really enjoy it.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe there are tensions between old Vermonters and new Vermonters?”
Ms. Castile: “I haven’t experienced anything, so I personally do not know. But I would say there’s a huge difference usually between the two. But I have not run into any issues.”
Vermont Gossip: “Who do you see as leaders in Vermont?”
Ms. Castile: “I would say I really appreciate the business owners here who are independently owned because I think it takes a lot to start something you believe in and then also keep it going, but I would say small business owners and also I’m a Bernie Sanders fan, too, so I really see him as a leader. Pretty much anyone who is making a difference I would see as a leader.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe elementary school students should learn how to grow food in a hands-on environment?”
Ms. Castile; “Yes. I do. I think it would benefit the environment as well as the children who…I mean most people from Vermont still live here, so I would assume that…I think Vermont is a state that actually cares about using the earth for the right reasons instead of neglecting or abusing it, and farming’s definitely a way to do that. From someone out-of-state, I would say I wish I had had that when I was in elementary school cuz I think that a lot of the just wilderness skills that people can acquire are really important in general.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that high school students who have an interest in it should learn how to make furniture from sustainably harvested Vermont wood?”
Ms. Castile: “Yeah. I wouldn’t see why not.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that Hollywood corrupts the minds of our youth with all the sex and parties and violence that is found in movies?”
Ms. Castile: “Yes. I do.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that our instincts are as complex as other animals?”
Ms. Castile; “I would say so. I would say a lot of people aren’t in tune with like their intuitive, just in general their emotions. I would say is a huge thing, but I would say yes, people are very complex.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that emotions are instincts?”
Ms. Castile: “I would say in a way, because I mean when you have a gut feeling, that’s an example to me as an instinctual kind of like I shouldn’t be here or I shouldn’t do this or whatever, and I think that has a lot to do with staying true to how you feel and also kind of listening to yourself. So I would say yeah, just in that aspect.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you support building three story buildings in Burlington and Rutland like Brooklyn or San Francisco?”
Ms. Castile: “Yeah. I think so. If it doesn’t interfere with the overall environment I guess.”

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