Rutland Man Trying to Start A Support Group for Teens in the Area

William Powell, 45, has lived in Vermont for most of his life. He lives in Rutland.
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the community of Rutland is strong?”
Mr. Powell: “It needs improvement. Less drugs. More things for the kids to do. And clean up the city in general. Like cemeteries everywhere. Yeah, a lot of cemeteries I’ve been walking by gravestones are laying down on the ground when they should be standing up. Like, down here on West Street, that’s a Civil War cemetery so…”
Vermont Gossip: “What can be done about the heroin and drug crisis in Vermont?”
Mr. Powell: “Keep doing what they’re doing I guess. Try and catch them before they get into Vermont. Stop em at the borders.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you know a lot of people in your neighborhood?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah. Pretty much.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think Vermonters are supportive enough of each other’s success?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the older generations are supportive enough of the younger generations?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah. It takes…everybody gotta support each other, you know, it’s one hand washes the other.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s newsworthy and relevant in your life right now?”
Mr. Powell: “Hopefully I get custody of my son back.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you do for work?”
Mr. Powell: “Right now I get disability. I did cement work but a cement wall fell on me broke my neck in two different spots in 1997, so…”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you like living in Vermont?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah, it’s a nice area for kids.”
Vermont Gossip: “Are you married?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah, but going through a divorce.”
Vermont Gossip: “And you said you have kids? How many?”
Mr. Powell: “Nine. My oldest son is 23, I got a daughter that’s 21, son that’s 20, a son that’s 19, a son that’s 16 a daughter that’s 14 a daughter that’s 12, a son that’s ten and a son that’s seven.”
Vermont Gossip: “Is there anything that isn’t being covered by the local media that you would like to see covered?”
Mr. Powell: “Mainly what’s going on are the drugs in Rutland in general. You know, I know they had the bust a couple weeks ago, that was good, but they should be doing that every day.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that there are tensions between old Vermonters and new Vermonters?”
Mr. Powell: “Not really. I don’t believe so.”
Vermont Gossip: “Who do you see as leaders in Vermont?”
Mr. Powell: “The governor is doing a good job. As far as in town I don’t know.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe elementary school students should learn how to grow food in a hands-on environment?”
Mr. Powell: “Oh definitely, yup. You never know when you’re going to need to know how to do it.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe high school students who have an interest in it should learn how to make furniture from sustainably harvested Vermont wood?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah. If that’s what they want to do.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe Hollywood corrupts the minds of our youth with all the sex, violence and parties that are found in movies?”
Mr. Powell: “Yes. I do. I just went and watched that movie Deadpool and I wasn’t that impressed. All the…not a movie for kids to see. I wouldn’t bring my kids to it. None of them. Maybe the older ones, but none of the younger ones, they don’t need to hear that kind of stuff in a movie.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that our instincts are as complex as other animals?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah. Yeah I do.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that emotions are instincts that nature selected for our survival?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah, sometimes. You do what you gotta do.”
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about refugees coming into the state?”
Mr. Powell: “I don’t have a problem with it, not a problem. America was build on immigration before anyway, so I don’t have a problem with it. If it’s bettering their life, so be it.”
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about farm animals raised in cages?”
Mr. Powell: “They shouldn’t be raised in cages. They should be able to go out and hang out. I can see putting a fence up so they don’t get out and stuff, but don’t leave them in a cage.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support legislation that would make it illegal to charge women more than men for the same goods and services?”
Mr. Powell: “Sure, yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support a private initiative to build three story buildings with narrow roads in Rutland? Essentially Brooklyn-ize Rutland?”
Mr. Powell: “I don’t know, how narrow are the roads?”
Vermont Gossip: “Like one way…”
Mr. Powell: “Ehh…maybe it depends on how how it looked and if people got to see a model of it before they actually did it and quote it that way maybe.”
Vermont Gossip: :Would you like to see us build more stone building the likes of which can be found at the Capitol in DC and in Italy?”
Mr. Powell: “Yes.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see high tech jobs come to Vermont?”
Mr. Powell: “Sure.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you think could be done to bring them here?”
Mr. Powell: “Well, we’ve got all the abandoned buildings here in Rutland, why not turn them into offices for the high tech jobs instead of just letting them sit there and people buying them for $10,000 then do nothing with them after they buy them?”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support a website that aimed to pair apprentices with master tradesmen?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that Vermont youth are told often enough that having a family and kids could be the most satisfying thing they ever hope to experience?”
Mr. Powell: “Yes, I do. They get told enough, and I think, my personal opinion they’re not being told enough not to have kids at young ages. Because I got this fifteen year old that’s got a four month old baby. I mean I did my part in telling them to use condoms and stuff and somewhere miscommunication got involved.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think we should be telling our youngsters to be on the look out for a life mate early because they may never get a better shot at finding one?”
Mr. Powell: “No, enjoy your life, go to college, worry about that afterwards when you get a good career when you can actually support a family.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support legislation that would decriminalize operating a driverless car while under the influence?”
Mr. Powell: “No. That would decriminalize? No. You shouldn’t be behind the wheel under the influence of anything.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you know who you’re going to vote for for the next Governor of Vermont?
Mr. Powell: “Not quite sure yet. I’ve got my ups and downs. I know who I’ll vote for for President though: Bernie Sanders.”
Vermont Gossip: “Who’s your favorite Vermont band?”
Mr. Powell: “You know, I’m into music but I don’t really go out much and I don’t really know what’s out there anymore.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s your favorite Vermont brew?”
Mr. Powell: “I don’t like beer, so…”
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about the promises of synthetic biology which means genetically engineering everything from salmon to mosquitoes, so that salmon grow faster and mosquitoes dies off.”
Mr. Powell: “No. You leave it the way it is.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you lament that we’ve lost courting rituals or do you think that they’re still alive and healthy?”
Mr. Powell: “We lost them probably.”
Vermont Gossip: “Are you on Facebook?”
Mr. Powell: “I am.”
Vermont Gossip: “Are you interested in networking with fellow Vermonters?”
Mr. Powell: “Sure.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that our instincts are more to be good people or selfish people?”
Mr. Powell: “Good people for the most part, yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you support legalizing pot?”
Mr. Powell: “Yes I do.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you do for hobbies and recreation?”
Mr. Powell: “Most of the time I’m with my kids. We hike, we swim. We go down and play basketball. I’m trying to actually start a support group for things for teens in this area because you see all these teens ain’t doing nothing but nothing. And there’s a skate park, but you gotta pay to do it. So how is that helping out the poor people?”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think we focus too much on the economy and not enough on basically surviving together?”
Mr. Powell: “Basically yes I do. You know, we should focus on both, really. Not just one and not the other.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s the most pressing issue of our time?”
Mr. Powell: “Right now, all the drugs in Rutland, you know it’s me and a bunch of friends were saying we can see ten years from now this is gonna look like Holyoake. And yeah, I don’t want this place to look like that. I’m not saying that’s a bad place to live. I’m just saying drugwise. You know?”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support pairing youth with police so they could help the police root out drug dealers?”
Mr. Powell: “Yeah definitely. If the youth was into that and they want to do that, then yeah definitely.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that climate change is a serious threat?”
Mr. Powell: “Yes. Considering the winter we just had, yeah. 65 degrees in Christmas.”

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