Vermont Lawmakers Should Move to Exempt Family that Owns Duck From Law that Would Force it From Home

An East Montpelier family has owned a duck for three years and it is in danger of losing the duck to a game warden who has said he will return with a search warrant to take Peep away if the family does not get rid of it.

Kim Stevens came across the duck as a baby when her dog Puggy found him. In an interview aired on WCAX, Stevens nearly cried when she recounted that the game warden was going to take the duck away. Her daughter was crying, too.

I understand the intent of the law which seeks to prevent disease from spreading, but at the same time, come on. It’s not fair that a duck that has spent his whole life living with one family gets taken away because of a cold heartless law.

Lawmakers should move to exempt Ms. Stevens from the law for Peep’s sake.

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