We Must Abandon Apocalyptic Thinking and Invest In An Alternative to the Church in the Northeast

Just when doubts creep up on me about this planet (half of Vermont Gossip respondents surveyed so far don’t believe humans will survive another million years) my fiancee reassures me that everything is going to be ok and I believe her. Being in a loving relationship is so good for the soul.

I wish schools taught us this lesson early in life. So far, I’ve been too selfish to get into a loving relationship for very long and some of the women I’ve dated have had other priorities besides a loving relationship, and I fault media and the way we raise children these days for that.

Where did the message of family and heritage go? We’re all agnostics in the Northeast and we’ve thrown away everything that had to do with religion, even the family structure, even though it was so much a part of our survival. At least there was a role for everyone to play. Rightly these days we allow same sex marriage. The genders may change but the essential role of the family remains the same: to pass on skills for survival and nurture loving relationships.

Some people have terrible memories of the family structure and prefer their friends over family members. This is unfortunate but it is our job to do better in the next round of survival and family. Family is probably not for everybody. First there should be a loving relationship.

However, once that is established, I believe it is in our spiritual well being to plan on surviving for the next million years. This could help prevent depression which I believe is, in part, an instinctive reaction to the direction society is heading in. If half of us think we can’t survive long term it only stands to reason we get depressed.

It is a depressing feeling when humans can’t control themselves to survive indefinitely like our forebearers did before we started dumping CO2 into our atmosphere.

We used to build lasting churches that were beautiful because we believed it was something nice we’d leave for the next generations to enjoy. Perhaps these days it doesn’t have to be churches in the Northeast, because after all a majority of us are agnostic, but we should be building someplace for people, especially young people, to congregate voluntarily. The money that used to be collected for the building of churches could be collected for the building of central meeting locations.

However, for decades we built cheap and lived desperately, perhaps jaded by two world wars with all the veterans who somehow lived through them and came to expect that they never knew what day would be their last. Moreover, Babyboomers practiced hiding under their desks in case of a nuclear attack. The feeling that an apocalypse is in the near future is somewhat programmed into our forebearers.

It doesn’t need to be this way anymore. After we take out ISIS we can plan for an extended period of peace, lasting many generations. We should plan and prepare for this reality. We should build buildings to last for the next generations. People in the Northeast should come up with an alternative to organized religion that would replace the role of the church as a way to bring the community together and raise funds for beautiful buildings.

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