Helpless Feeling As Human Growth Destroys Habitats, Kills Endangered Species

An article in the New York Times highlights the destruction that palm oil plantation farmers are bringing to Indonesia in the name of growth and profits. The destruction is endangering and killing orangutans, some of our closest relatives. Where is the central planning commission guiding humans as they take their course through time and space?

I can’t help but feel helpless in the face of all this destruction: the rain forests, the oceans, etc. Some day I want to have kids and I want to pass on an inhabitable planet. Don’t humans realize that when we destroy the planet we are endangering our own survival? When we burn trees down for mega farming projects we are harming the climate, endangering our own survival? And all for what? Money, which is the bartering chip for sex for those men who have no sex appeal on their own.

Vermont Gossip will now begin asking respondents if they support using the United States military to threaten or destroy all who bring harm and destruction to the planet. Those who kill the orangutans or the elephants or the whales or who obliterate their habitats.

In these times we must take control of our destiny as humans and preserve this great earth for our children, and their children, and so on. We must see ourselves engaged in a struggle for survival for the next million years.

When we feel powerless to stop the destruction of our habitat we must unite and forge a group consensus to rage against the greed and selfishness that drives the destruction of our planet.

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