Rutland Man Longs for Social Club


Ray Lewis Jr., 32, lives in Rutland. He has lived in Vermont for four years.
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the community of Rutland is strong?”
Mr. Lewis: “In its own way yes. In some ways they could work on it. I see a lot of good people out there helping each other out every time I go to the super market and one time I didn’t have that much money for my groceries, a person in back helped me with my groceries. You know they do got good people out here, but you got some messed up a-holes you know? I don’t want to curse for that part. You got some bad people that don’t listen. People gotta understand that you gotta have patience. You know it’s all about the patience and praying to the lord above. You know?”
Vermont Gossip: “Is there a central place, location to hang out in Rutland that you know of?”
Mr. Lewis: “I do not know for young people. My bud told me a good place is the Boys and Girls Club, but I don’t know for us adults they’ve got bars, but what if you’re not a drinker? Where’s a good place for us?”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see a central place to hang out in Rutland?”
Mr. Lewis: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “If there were community dances held would you attend? Would you support that?”
Mr. Lewis: “I would support it with my finacee, yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you think could be done to make the community stronger?”
Mr. Lewis: “Everybody just look out for each other. Brotherly love like Philadelphia. That’s what people form Philadelphia do, the brotherly love, the unconditional love for each other. That’s what we need up here.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the older generations are supportive enough of the younger generations?”
Mr. Lewis: “Sometimes. Sometimes they just worry about themselves.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s newsworthy and relevant in your life?”
Mr. Lewis: “I’m moving again. My parents is moving again. I’d say I like it a little bit here. They just need to have some place, somewhere to go to have fun other than stay home constantly and not get out nowhere.”
Vermont Gossip: “So where are you moving to?”
Mr. Lewis: “Um she won’t tell me yet. It’s a surprise.”
Vermont Gossip: “You’re moving with them? So you’re leaving Vermont?”
Mr. Lewis: “Yeah, but I’ll come back by myself or with my fiancee to live out my life here.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think you’ll live out the rest of your life here in Vermont?”
Mr. Lewis: “If I can, if I can’t then I’ll stay where I’m at, but I want to come back. It’s just that they have to be something poppy you know? Like a club, not like a club-club where you drink, like a club to socialize with people and play games and you know, how can I say it? You know with different stuff to do like a treasure hunt type or stuff like different games like that.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you like living in Vermont?”
Mr. Lewis: “Yeah I really do.”

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