Rutland Youth Says More Could be Available for Youth to do in City

Cody Miner, 20, has lived in Vermont just about his entire life. 
Vermont Gossip: “Do you live in Rutland now?”
Mr. Miner: “Pretty much. I’m staying with my friend.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the community of Rutland is strong?”
Mr. Miner: “Sometimes, sometimes not. I think that they could do a lot more to improve the town.”
Vermont Gossip: “Is there a central place to hang out in Rutland?”
Mr. Miner: “Not really. I mean they have the playgrounds for little kids, but for people my age there isn’t really any place to hang out.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see a place to hang out?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah, I’d say so.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see community dances, and if they were held would you attend?”
Mr. Miner: “Probably.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you think could be done to make the community stronger?”
Mr. Miner: “There’s a lot of stuff. I mean, like I said there’s not really much places for people my age or younger to hang out. More or less if they had a place for people around my age to hang out. I guarantee there would be a lot less people around my age getting in trouble.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you think could be done, aside from that, to deal with heroin and the opioid crisis in Vermont?”
Mr. Miner: “Crack down more on it. I mean pretty much they bust people but within twenty-four hours they’re back out on the street. So they don’t really do anything. It’s pretty much a slap on the wrist. So they need to do more than basically busting them, bring them to jail for twenty-four hours and then let them go.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that older generations are supportive enough of younger generations?”
Mr. Miner: “It depends on the generation I’d say. Some not so much, others they sort of know how it is.”
Vermont Gossip: “What’s newsworthy and relevant in your life?”
Mr. Miner: “Nothing really. I mean I don’t really hang out with my family much, I’m more hanging around my friends and trying to help my friends out.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you do for work?”
Mr. Miner: “Right now I don’t have work, but been trying but that’s hard enough.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you like living in Vermont?”
Mr. Miner: “Yes and no. I mean growing up, well when I was younger it was a lot better, plus there was a lot more jobs, more stuff to do. Nowadays there’s not really anything to do and it’s harder to find a job because most places are moving out of Vermont.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you have kids?”
Mr. Miner: “No.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think there are tensions between old Vermonters and new Vermonters?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah, I’d say so. Some are used to one way, and newer ones are used to a differed way. So yeah I’d say so.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that elementary school students should be taught how to grow food in a hands-on environment?”
Mr. Miner: “I think it could help, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it should, I mean little things but it would probably help them more than I went to school.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that high school students who have an interest in it should learn how to make furniture from Vermont wood?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah. I mean it’s different than trying to force someone to become interested, but if they’re interested I think yeah they should.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see charging stations for electric cars in parking lots and city streets?”
Mr. Miner: “Not really so much, I mean basically you see enough lights and everything else. So it just more or less takes up more space.”
Vermont Gossip: “Are you on facebook?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Nice. Are you interested in networking with fellow Vermonters?”
Mr. Miner: “I can.”
Vermont Gossip: ‘Would you support an initiative to pair Vermont youth with police in an effort to combat drug abuse?”
Mr Miner: “Yeah. My opinion is that most kids who get in trouble with drug abuse they go to jail. They aren’t really learning anything, they just come out worse rather than trying to help the problem to begin with.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that Hollywood and advertising corrupt the minds of our kids with all the sex and violence and parties that are found in it?”
Mr. Miner: “Nowadays yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Seven in ten Americans take prescription medications and children in America are twenty-five times more likely than children in the UK to be prescribed medication for ADHD. Do you think that doctors over prescribe these medications?”
Mr. Miner: “Yes.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see doctors held accountable for over prescribing medications?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah, especially opiods because they prescribe one thing and if that thing doesn’t work, they still keep them on that one but they prescribe another one. In some cases the doctors are the biggest drug dealers. The only thing I’ve ever taken that was prescribed to me was an antibiotic, that’s about it.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that our instincts are as complex as other animals?”
Mr. Miner: “Yes and no. Some ways it is other ways it’s not.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that emotions are instincts that are selected by nature for our survival?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that humans will survive as a species for at least the next million years?”
Mr. Miner: “Probably not. No, if it’s not one thing it’s another. As I see it man’s going to kill man.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that there are human leaders, older women or men who want to bring about an apocalypse in their lifetime or shortly after they die?”
Mr. Miner: “Some, and others not really so much.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you ever just sit back and think about all the sacrifices your forefathers made to get you to this moment?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah. As my family puts it: they’re rolling in their grave.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you ever read the bible just to see the way people thought thousands of years ago?”
Mr. Miner: “I actually have.”
Vermont Gossip: “Have you ever been to a pick-up truck bonfire party in Vermont?”
Mr. Miner: “I’d say no I haven’t.”
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about letting refugees come into the state?”
Mr. Miner: “It’s iffy. Some I think they should do a background, others I guess it’s OK, but it also takes away jobs from people who are born in the United States.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see work camps set up for the poor, building things like apartment buildings and rail lines where things like healthcare, housing and food were all provided in exchange for work?”
Mr. Miner: “Yes and no. I think instead of trying to build a new building they should use the ones that have been abandoned and fix them up, because I’ve seen a lot of abandoned buildings around. Some of them are perfectly good.”
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about animals raised in cages?”
Mr. Miner: “I disagree with it. I mean personally if the shoe’s on the other foot I wouldn’t like living in a cage.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support an initiative that would provide all Vermont service veterans who have PTSD with a service dog and a lifetime supply of free dog food?”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Cool. Do you think that Vermont youth are told often enough that having a family and kids might be the most satisfying thing they ever could hope to experience?”
Mr. Miner: “I’ve heard it before, but personally I don’t think if you’re young you should really have a kid until you’ve pretty much got your life straight, you have a job this and that.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think we should be telling youngsters to be on the lookout for a life mate early on?”
Mr. Miner: “No, I believe that if you find one it’s going to happen, otherwise it takes time. I know people who in frickin (sic) sixth grade that say they have girlfriends. They’re way too young to start dating.”
Vermont Gossip: ‘Would you support legislation that would decriminalize operating a driverless car while under the influence?”
Mr. Miner: “I think basically if you’re driving a vehicle and you’re under the influence it should be against the law. You should get in trouble for it because you’re not only a danger to yourself you’re a danger to others, no matter what you’re under.”
Vermont Gossip: “Researchers at the University of Iowa found that driving while under the influence of marijuana causes no impairment. Do you support Montpelier’s aggressive effort to crack down on stoned drivers if they legalize weed?”
Mr. Miner: “I used to smoke weed. Personally I wouldn’t be driving because other than making you tired I’ve know people to have smoked and still gotten in an accident. So they should really consider it like drinking and being behind the wheel.”
Vermont Gossip: “Who’s your favorite Vermont band?”
Mr. Miner: “Can’t say that I really have one. I haven’t really heard much bands from Vermont.”
Vermont Gossip “And you’re too young to drink.”
Mr. Miner: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “So you don’t have a favorite Vermont brew yet?”
Mr. Miner: “I have drank before.” He  laughs.
Vermont Gossip: “How do you feel about the promises of synthetic biology which means genetically engineering organisms, everything from salmon to make them grow faster, to mosquitoes and killing them off?”
Mr. Miner: “It’s kind of iffy, I mean it’s basically sort of like trying to play god, which I don’t really agree with, other parts I do. So it’s really an iffy subject.”

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