Thirst for Money is Instinct Gone Wild

Desires for sexual relations and economic security can be blamed for the thirst for money that drives so much of our waking life on earth. If only we could pause life for a second and talk some reason into the powerful executives at energy companies and law firms and all of the legislators who run our country.

If we could press pause and have a frank conversation we could point out that for centuries humans relied on farming and hunting and communal gathering to form the daily habits of their existence. There was no money to be made and hoarded away in a bank account, there was a bartering system where work in various areas was exchanged for work in other areas.

Many people depended on farming as a way of life and in Northern climates the summer was used as preparation for winter. Food was stored away and people stayed busy, feeling productive. Everyone had a role to play.

Nowadays the energy industry makes billions and we live in a capitalist society. Greed is almost accepted as a virtue. Desires for sexual relations and economic security have run rampant. We are detached from our physical world which we depend on for survival.

An article in today’s New York Times tells of the consequences of climate change on the world’s coral reefs. Up to a third of the world’s coral reefs are in immediate danger of being wiped out due to climate change and these scientists continue to point to the warning signs and we continue to bury our heads in the sand and press on, many of us poor and desperate and drug or alcohol addicted or sexually addicted or money addicted.

The millennial generation was raised on Eminem and rap music which all but begs for the destruction of the planet and human existence. Depression rages as it dawns on many of the America’s inhabitants that we will not survive for the long term. Instincts have run riot.

If we could hit pause and assess the situation we might decide that returning to farming and the trades while keeping the benefits of modern advancements like medicine is ideal. We might not acquire great wealth but everyone would have a role to play and everyone would feel important. We might decide that the religious ideals of one partner for life are really a better way of going than using up multiple partners solely for the reason that we’re in the 21st century and sex can run rampant.

We would not return to the dogmas of one man and one woman. Gays would still be allowed to couple and get married, but at least we could decide that having multiple partners throughout one’s lifetime leads to problems and depression. When sex goes out of control and people are single later in life it leads to the acquisition of money to have sex. The older men get the less sexually appealing they are and the more they need money to get laid. When women remain single they find it more and more appealing to take money in return for sex. The high-end escort rings in Washington D.C. and New York City and elsewhere support this conclusion. Prostitution happens elsewhere as well.

It takes family values first to combat the perverting influence of money and refocus our attention on leaving a better world for our children than the one we inherited.

Another problem for leaving this world better off for the next generation is the role most, but not all, Republicans play in supporting the polluters of the world. They say it is for economic gains that we pollute and destroy the world. That environmentalists are just tree-huggers with bleeding heart causes. This is not true. Environmentalists simply know, instinctively, that without a sustainable approach to living in the world we cannot survive for the long term.

Republicans band together with more resolve than their liberal counterparts who are as independent as cats. Liberals, on the whole, don’t band together and identify as liberals with as much passion and fervor as conservatives. There is not as much mutual support among liberals as there is among conservatives. And liberalism is more cold and calculating, on average, than conservatism. It takes form in intellectualism without the emotion of family, country, God and pride.

If only we could take the family values aspect of conservatism and blend it with the environmentalism of liberalism, we would arrive at the perfect cocktail for survival. We would have heritage and family conscious leaders who promoted caring for the environment as a chief concern. We would have the military protecting and listening to the scientists.

It’s not too late to save the planet and survive for the next million years, but we are running out of time. Something radical needs to happen.

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