Dem Gov Candidate Matt Dunne Responds to EPA Announcement Concerning Lake Champlain

June 17, 2016 — Today the EPA announced new phosphorous Total Daily Maximum Loads (TDML)s for the twelve segments of Lake Champlain. The TDMLs were developed in collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Calling the announcement by the EPA a “wake up call” Democratic Candidate for Governor Matt Dunne responded to the announcement with the following statement:

“Vermont is traditionally a leader on the environment, but we’ve fallen behind when it comes to ensuring the long-term health of Lake Champlain. Together, we can help Vermont regain its leadership role, but it will require a new approach and greatly increased state funding. Our state’s water is a shared responsibility. We must address the infrastructure needs together, including working with developers and our farmers to invest in new technology that reduces phosphorus runoff.
“As Governor, I will make sure we collaborate with other states in the watershed and increase state funding for this critical effort. To truly protect our lake, we should view the guidelines released today as the very minimum for what must be done. We are going to need to do this and a lot more, and do it expeditiously if we intend to reverse the damage already wreaked by nutrient pollution in a number of our communities.”

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