Rutland is An Up and Coming Vermont City

For too long Burlington has taken all the credit in Vermont as the city to be in.

Rutland is cheaper, closer to the ski resorts, has the Paramount, has the growing Castleton University nearby,  is just a train ride away from NYC and is the up and coming Vermont city.

Look at real estate for the last several years, ever since the crash in 2008, real estate prices have been dropping in Rutland.  They have now leveled off and there has never been a better time to buy a home: cheap prices, a housing market that is poised to climb, a city on the mend…

Drugs: Rutland got a bad reputation as a place afflicted by drugs thanks in part to a New York Times article but the trend for the last three years has been recovery:

Project Vision, a collaborative between law enforcement and citizens has ballooned into a modern day movement to rid the city streets of drugs and aid in the recovery of addicts. And it’s working.

Soon Vermont Gossip will report on a project developed by former addicts to help recovery by lowering costs of treatment and doing what Alcoholics Anonymous so famously and effectively did over 80 years ago: one former addict working with another.

Rutland has a close proximity to three lakes two ski resorts and mountain bike escapes, the Paramount Theater, and it has its own train to the walking-friendly New York City. It also boasts more than a few successful restaurants, and soon over 40 Castleton University students will be living in the city.

It is precisely now, when prices in other areas of the got-to-get-settled-into state are so high that it makes sense to move to the tight knit community of Rutland, where prices are cheap and the small city, the second largest in Vermont, is in the middle of a revival.

Almost no where in America has been preserved the lack of traffic lights and commuter congestion like Vermont. To travel from downtown Rutland to Crystal Beach on Lake Bomoseen, 12-15 miles west, takes roughly 20 minutes–not in bumper to bumper traffic but–in windows rolled down, hand in the breeze joy-riding out of the small city.

The Rutland Herald is an excellent local paper that has been around longer than some states have been part of the US and that history is in full display in Rutland.

Rutland also has a thriving local foods scene as Vermont moves towards food and energy independence, with summer and winter farmer’s markets. Summer outdoor concerts can also be taken in and the city is less than two hours drive from Saratoga Performing Arts Center where bands like Dave Matthews, Phish and Mumford and Sons play.  It is less than an hour drive from the great Lake George and Great Escape amusement park.

There has never been a better time to find a realtor and start looking for a place to call your own in Rutland. Price and location say it all. You can find cheap home prices in a walking friendly city with easy drive and train get aways to all locations nearby.  Boston and the Red Sox are less than four hours away.  So is Vacationland Maine. All these places are better to visit than to actually live and almost no place in America has as much climate and food security as Vermont.

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