Rutland Man Supports Sending Special Units in After Groups Destroying Environment


David Shappy, 49, has lived in Vermont all his life.

Vermont Gossip: “Do you live in Rutland?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yes.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think the community of Rutland is strong?”
Mr. Shappy: “No, because the economy isn’t that strong, not enough local businesses, a lot of unemployment.”
Vermont Gossip: “Is there a central place or location to hang out in your community?”
Mr. Shappy: “Well, I’m pretty much a homebody, so…there seems to be a lot of bars still, it’s always been a bar town. So I think a lot of the youth might congregate in the bars, but I’d like to see more restaurants and clothing stores. Things open downtown like it used to be. I’d like to see a more vibrant downtown.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see community dances, and if they were held would you attend?”
Mr. Shappy: “I don’t know if I’d attend, I’d like to see it for the community. I’d like to see more rec sponsored things for the youth, like there used to be in the sixties and the seventies. The Rutland Rec Department were more active with the youth in the community.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe there are health benefits to going out and having public social engagements?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, I think there’s always a benefit to having people interact with people. When I was growing up I knew all of my neighbors on my street on a first name basis, and now I just know my next door neighbors. I don’t know many of my neighbors anymore and I think that’s the same in most neighborhoods. I think neighbors have lost track with each other in this day and age.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see them get back in touch with being good neighbors?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, I think that would help, yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “What can be done to deal with the heroin and opioid crisis in Vermont?”
Mr. Shappy: “I think more accessibility to treatment. I think there’s some treatment and some doctors, and there’s a clinic and there’s Serenity House and Grace House and places like that, but a lot of times I think that you’ve gotta jump through hoops to get into some of these places. You gotta wait seven months to see a doctor or you gotta go through all these programs to get into a treatment facility or to get into certain treatment houses you have to go to an inpatient treatment facility. I think you have to have easier access to health, without so many technicalities getting in the way because I think people when they have an addiction problem, if it comes down to having a hard road to recovery and having an easy road to getting access to drugs, they’re going to take the easy access to getting drugs rather than the hard road to recovery.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you support pairing Vermont youth with law enforcement in an effort to combat drug abuse?”
Mr. Shappy: “No, because I think the Rutland police are a poor example of law enforcement in general. I think especially the younger officers on the force. I don’t think they do a good job, some of the older officers I think do a fine job. The younger officers I think are a poor representation of the force. So I wouldn’t want the community intermingling with them because I don’t think they represent Rutland.”
Vermont Gossip: “After a terrorist attack or mass shooting the media often makes the killers famous with pictures and names. Do you think this could inspire others to carry out copycat attacks because they want to become famous?”
Mr. Shappy: “Well I think you gotta balance that with the public’s right to know, you know access to information. So, sure there might be somebody out there domestically or internationally who wants to be the next Osama Bin Ladin, but there’s also the public’s need to know that there is an Osama Bin Ladin out there or someone like him. We have a right to know about these people.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that the older generations are supportive enough of the younger generations?”
Mr. Shappy: “Well there’s always going to be a divide. It was that way when I was younger. The older generation just said we didn’t get it, we said the older generation didn’t get it. So you’re going to have that in any generation. So I don’t think it’s any different with this generation now than the older generations. It might seem that way because of the social media, it just seems that way because it’s more out there. It’s seen more out there because of the social media. There’s a greater divide, but I think there’s always been one.”
Vermont Gossip: “What do you do for work?”
Mr. Shappy: “I’m a home care provider for my girlfriend. She has kidney failure, so I take care of her.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you like living in Vermont?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that elementary school students should be taught how to grow food in a hands-on environment?”
Mr. Shappy: “Well I think elementary school students should go to one school from Kindergarten to sixth grade. How they school them there, I’m not sure, but I don’t like this idea of having elementary school students go to three or four schools. That’s another pet peeve I have. If they live in one district, they should go to one school. Kindergarten to sixth grade, just the way it’s always been, instead of this idea you go to Kindergarten to second grade and then you switch schools and you go to third grade at some other school and you switch schools, I think to me that is ridiculous, and I think that’s why there’s a problem with education today is because the way the school system is in Rutland.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you wish you knew more about how your ancestors spent summers and winters in Vermont or where ever they’re from?”
Mr. Shappy: “I never really thought of it. No.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe high school students who have an interest in it should learn how to make furniture from sustainably harvested Vermont wood?”
Mr. Shappy: “Like a shop class? Sure.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you like to see charging stations for electric cars in parking lots and on city streets?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, you see a lot of hybrid cars out there so I think they should have that option.”
Vermont Gossip: “Researchers at the University of Iowa found that driving while under the influence of marijuana causes no impairment. Do you support Montpelier’s aggressive effort to crack down on stoned drivers if they legalize weed?”
Mr. Shappy: “Well I don’t have any problem with anybody smoking weed, but I don’t think it’s wise to smoke like three blunts and then start driving through town. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you want to get high and then get in a car and go cruising? That doesn’t make too much sense to me.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that Hollywood and advertising corrupts the minds of our kids with all the sex and violence and unrealistic versions of life that is found in the media?”
Mr. Shappy: “I think it can to some degree. I think if you look at Hollywood and some of the portrayals of some of the actors and actresses and lifestyles and you look at it as being realistic, if you look at that as though it’s reality I think it can give you a warped sense of reality. If you don’t look at it as if that’s just acting, that’s not real. If you don’t look at it for the entertainment value I think you can warp your mind. If you understand that it’s just entertainment I think you can be alright from it.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that internet pornography is making sexual delinquents out of Vermont teens?”
Mr. Shappy: “No. I mean when I was that age we used to look at our parent’s Playboys and Penthouses and I turned out alright.”
Vermont Gossip: “Would you support using the military to threaten people who were killing off elephants and orangutans and people who threaten our survival?’
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, I could see sending in groups like that into countries that are harvesting elephant tusks and rhino tusks. Sending in like a special forces unit and telling them to knock off the poaching. I have no objection to something like that. Scare the hell out of them, put the fear of God in them.”
Vermont Gossip: “Seven in ten Americans take prescription medicine and children in America are twenty-five times more likely than children in the UK to be prescribed medication for ADHD. Do you believe that doctors are over prescribing medications, or do you think that these medications are really improving out lives?”
Mr. Shappy: “No, they’re over prescribing. I don’t blame the children or the doctors, I blame the parents because they want an easy out, so they want their kids medicated and I think it’s a different culture over in Europe. I think they take a more hands-on approach with children, or if they don’t then they find a nanny or a house sitter or someone like that who can substitute for them. So even if they’re not the best of parents over there, they at least find someone who will take care of their children, not a medication. I think in this country we just say ‘Johnny’s a little hyper give him some Ritalin’. I think that’s been going on, it’s not just recently. This has been going on since the early seventies that kids have been medicated. When I was in Kindergarten we had kids that were on Ritalin. So it’s not a new problem, it’s been going on for generations now, and like I said, I blame the parents, not the kids and not the doctors. It’s the parents who go to these doctors and say ‘I can’t handle my kids, he needs to be on something.’ and the doctors are put between a rock and a hard place.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe our instincts are as complex as other animals?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that emotions are instincts that were selected by nature for survival?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, I believe that.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you believe that humans will survive as a species for the next million years?”
Mr. Shappy: “No.”
Vermont Gossip: “Does that bother you?”
Mr. Shappy: “No. I think you know, we’ll run our course. Maybe another advanced species will come and take our place. I think the earth will still be here. I think there will be some advanced species instead of us, or maybe some advanced species of human. It might look nothing like us in a couple hundred thousand years, to the point where we couldn’t call them humans. We’d have to call them something else.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you think that there are human leaders who don’t care about whether the world ends in their children’s lifetime, or the next generations lifetime?”
Mr. Shappy: “Maybe. It’s hard to really get inside someone’s head. It’s hard to say, I would hope not.”
Vermont Gossip: “Do you ever just sit back and think about all the sacrifices your forefathers made to get us to this point?”
Mr. Shappy: “Yeah, and I think about how they messed things up to get us to where we are too. You can’t think of the good without the bad.”

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