War in America

They move through chaos with their guns drawn and their bodies tensed alertly
One moves with his arm on the back of another followed by yet another with his arm on the back of the one he follows
A team moving through the bullets looking out for one another
These are our soldiers getting shot at in our streets
I noticed it when I got back from Italy last winter:
The relaxed feeling in Italy was gone as soon as we got to customs
A man with a black crew cut questioned me about my bags. He was highly alert and a product of our military.
This is America where the military produces one homogenous style of watch dog and protector
This American military makes itself present in our police force
Tightly knit from sea to sea.
Respecting the flag. Respecting duty.
Yes a little too proud at times. Cocky even but that’s what shit kicking in the name of America brings out.
Too deadly with blacks yes but they keep law and order on our streets. Corrupt sometimes but not all the time.
Some struggle with mental illness.
These military brutes with their short hair and their jacked appearance make America safe and love or hate them this is who they are.
They operate on common sense and facts. They interrogate.
Sometimes justice is served. Sometimes injustice prevails.
This is our police force. Children look up to them…that childlike belief that all is safe and friendly with these men looking after us. And usually it is. But something deadly is at work in our nation. Chaos is coming.
Can we keep that childlike belief alive and well?
Can we live in a wholesome nation again where all people are productive and drug free and the police don’t really have to work because the people keep the streets safe?
Where blacks aren’t hated and killed?
Must we always have selfish needs and raise selfish ungrateful children?
Can we accept responsibility for our society and come together to make it great?
Can we stop idolizing people who don’t give a damn about us who live in Hollywood but only care about themselves and instead invest our love and energy into our neighbors?
Knock on doors? Introduce ourselves?
Make new friends?
Learn to forgive? Feel joy? Let go of anger?
The military police will be the military police.
.Let’s give these heroes a break from gun fire and war on our very own shores.
Let’s love blacks and Hispanics as our fellow countrymen and band together as Americans.
The fundamental question is: will we survive for another hundred thousand years or will we perish and do we care?
Our ancestors got us this far. They sacrificed everything for us.
If I could save this great nation by running into bullets to take out an enemy bent on destroying us I would.
I would give it all up for children, the purist expression of humanity around, with fresh instincts, honesty and concern for the well being of the world.
I would run into those bullets, gun drawn, blasting away just like our ancestors did in two world wars before us.
If only we would cherish this gift of life and cherish each other and cherish our children and all they represent.
We will not out live time in these our bodies in the only existence we may ever know but a piece of us can live on in our children and in that way we can be immortal.
We stand at a crossroads: will we give in to our worst impulses and fight and have drama and escape reality through drug use or will we face the music and rise to the occasion?
What will humanity look like for the next hundred thousand years?
Will we continue to destroy a planet that we need to survive? Will we stand up to billionaires whose gospel is “make that money” to the extent that nothing else matters?
Who do we want to be as an animal?
If we don’t enforce birth control around the world we will continue to compete for resources and grow poorer and more polluted and some will starve, one of the most heinous ways to die, and wars will need to be fought.
Can we pause for a minute and say enough is enough? This doesn’t feel good…I’m not proud of who I am and what I represent…
Can we pause and set up a regimen for living that takes us into the future sustainably?
The answer is yes!
We can put people on the moon. We can survive another hundred thousand years without war and hate.
When your life is interrupted like mine was and you sit in one place for a month like I did in the hospital, you realize that Sometimes you get so busy from childhood on that you never really pause. You never have the chance to change your political party or your hobbies or your friends or your career.
Your just on an inevitable ride to the end on autopilot.
We can stop this train!
We can look around this beautiful planet, the only thing like it in the vast depths of the universe that we know of like it, and we can preserve it. For our children. If only for those first ten years of pure joy and uninhibited instinct. Child like belief in the goodness of police and authority figures. The first sensations of sunrise and thunder storms and snow. How magical it all seems when you are first a child.
We must preserve that. That first ten years.
How selfish it is that we want to live to be 100 at the expense of the next generation. Our ancestors died at 18 for us. They lived the good life. They got that first ten years and then they passed it on to us. If you got your ten years you got it baby! You got the magic of life! Now is time to sacrifice so the next generation can get ten good years. And so on and so forth for the next hundred thousand years.
If I could save the world by running headlong into bullets I would but the military won’t take me and I’m not sure that would be my most useful purpose. I’m a writer not a warrior.
It takes a whole country to have the same willingness to give it all up for those first ten years of the next generation.
Wake up America!
I’m here to tell you that life is a magical gift from the gods those first ten years and if you’ve lived it you’ve experienced the purpose of being born. Pass it on!

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    BTW what do you think about Paul Pogba transfer? Should he stay in Juventus or maybe transfer to Manchester United is better for him?


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