Greedy People Run Health Care in America

Gone are the days when doctors traveled John Steinbeck’s heartland with a leather satchel tending to the poor out of the goodness of their hearts.

From hospitals to insurers to, yes, even doctors, greedy people run health care in America. Just like the greedy in the financial and energy sector. Health care providers are greedy. And greed needs to stop. We all need to take a deep breath and value what we have and who we are.

This latest article in the New York Times reports how some insurers are asking for rate increases of up to 41 percent this year.

It’s all because we have a for-profit health care system in America instead of a national health plan that covers all of our citizens.

Hospitals run up the number of procedures they perform on patients not because the outcomes are better, but rather because every procedure can be charged to that patient’s insurance.

Nobody wants to believe that doctors are greedy, but some of them are. Some of them are in bed with Big Pharma, over-prescribing and diagnosing patients just so that they can get them on drugs.

I spent all weekend reading about the maniacal Koch brothers. Greed has got to stop. These primitive men who beat their hands on their chests and scream, “I can do any fucking thing I want” when they don’t get their way are fucked in the head and they are running most of the corporate world in this country.

Instead let’s imagine a world where we come together around a bigger purpose. Imagine we don’t hate on each other online. Imagine we look out for each other, one neighbor looking out for another, everyone on a block knowing everyone else. Imagine a United States that, like a mother will instinctively do for her children, puts the interests of its citizens ahead of the interests of the rest of the world.

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