The Insatiable Desire for Money Among the Already Rich is Disturbing

Visit Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s Twitter page and you will see that he describes himself as the Uber CEO and a “serial entrepreneur.” Read serial killer. The mindset is similar in certain ways: both want domination.

Just retire. You made your fortune. Please for the sake of the rest of us. In God’s good name what do these people who have made a fortune beyond all measurement need by working to make more money on top of it? Where does it all stop?

It’s like the Koch brothers spending, with their allies, north of $800 million on this election so they can make more money. They are so rich. Why can’t the super rich just retire and enjoy their money? How much more money do they need? Moreover can’t they part ways with most of their fortune and help others in need out?

Part of what the Free Masons laugh about when they get together is that the rich could not have built this great nation. They wouldn’t know what to do with a wrench and a car problem. They wouldn’t know how to build a bridge. They know how to skirt finance laws and rip people off, but are these virtuous traits? Hell no.

This country needs less greedy money whores and more well-balanced, generous, loving, caring individuals. There should be $15,000 allocated annually to each American above the age of 18 from taxes on the super rich and corporations. In return every able bodied American out of high school should be required to spend two years in the military until they are 20.

As an aside i think the genders should be segregated between the ages of 11 and 20 to prevent rapes and sexual assault even though “seperate but equal” rings in my mind from the terrible Jim crow days. Speaking from experience I and so many of my peers were distracted in front of females in school. Talk to some of the females and they could do without the males. And my liberal upbringing cries out that this is discrimination against women,  but consider we were talking about wild animals when we were talking about men and women humans. Cuz that’s what we are. Wild. From our jails to our university campuses. We’re wild. And when you mix wild men with wild women sexual assaults spike.

I whole heartedly support mixing the various races in America. One way Americans can overcome racial differences is to go into the service together and become a team together fighting (patrolling our outposts, monitoring the oceans, etc.) for USA and good naturedly ribbing each other about their racial backgrounds. We can teach them by modeling this behavior.

Now take sex again.

What if there were roles each gender played like gender roles genders play in basically every other species on planet earth and say that we’ve grown so far away from those norms we don’t see them modeled and pass them on to the next generation any more. Monkey see, monkey do.

And further more imagine that our survival depends on getting back to our traditions as tribal members, willing to fight and die for this great nation.

Now I’m all for women in the workplace and we need more of them managing fortune 500 companies and getting elected to political office. But their job description should be different and more intuitive to them.

That’s why requiring that every able bodied American serve for at least two years in the military will help.

And in the military it SHOULD BE taught that greed is not a value that is prized. That sacrifice and courage are more honorable. The histories of the various nations that make up America would be taught in the military. And it would be taught that we are the chosen few who entered the “Promised Land”. And we must defend this homeland to the death against all foreign threats like China and Russia, who Trump is SUCKING up to. What’s up with that? I mean I’m LGBT but homo alert. For real. Why don’t you and putin just go have butt sex? Brokeback mountain style…with putin looking like he did in those “staged” shots they took of him like horse back riding shirtless. Or hang gliding or whatever he staged to get elected in that strange country. At least in Africa and other poor nations like Ireland they wear their fortunes on their sleeve…their smiles. Poor country boys but rich in their hearts.

When all the other countries of Europe picked cathedrals and art as their demands in return for God’s love, Ireland said we’ll starve for God’s love. And so they did. The potato famine starved them.

Now I’m all set people. I know this is not real. That it’s just my mental illness that’s speaking, but what if some of the stories in the bible were true?  and even suppose they’re not…they are still creations of our ancestors to help future generations out.

I have accepted the need for medication and I know that like my now deceased brother who suffered from a similar mental illness I am prone to believe things that aren’t true.

Imagine there really was a God…or were multiple gods…how do we not know? We don’t know what is beyond our reality.

We should just resolve to retire after we’ve hit $10 million.  Collectively. I just think we should all agree that that’s the amount you need to live comfortably but modestly for the rest of your life. Maybe even $2 million. I don’t know. I just know that the mindless pursuit of ever more money (serial entrepreneur) is futile. It’s so much more about the interactions with our children that matters.

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