The Koch Brothers are Fucked in the Head

After reading Jane Mayer’s book “Dark Money” I am disturbed.

The book describes the multi-billionaire Koch brothers and how sick they are.

Consider this: At my buddy’s farm these goat siblings stood up for one another against another goat. That’s just the natural order…siblings stand up for each other…you see it in rural Shoreham, VT.

Not with the Koch brothers. These sick twisted men, well Charles, he tried to blackmail a brother over homosexual relationships.  Fucked in the head.

This is what you get with a society as unhealthy as this one, where the rich are so busy and hell bent on money and power.

In another part of the book it talks about how David Koch who is worth something like $40 billion doesn’t even tip his hired help when they move all his stuff on the weekends when he and his family go out from NYC to the beach.

These people behave as though no one matters.

Fuck them. Humans have the ability to freeze someone out of the fold. I know how this works because it happened to me twice in my life: once after my car accident, and after I came out about my mental illness.  

Humans can freeze each other out of society and just fail to serve or deal with certain people. The greed. It’s just so transparent and sick. It’s twisted. Life is not about becoming a rich individual. This is selfish. The point is to rise as a society.

Those goats: brothers and sisters looking out for one another.

If society could freeze me out for having a mental illness it can certainly freeze out the Koch’s.

Society could just familiarize themselves with their picture like they would with someone on the FBI’s most wanted list and refuse to deal with them. 

When I had my mental break I said, “Hell is a cold place” out loud on Christmas day in 2012 in front of my parent’s home estranged from some of my friends and my phone took a picture in my pocket as if to capture the moment.

“Hell is a cold place” was one of many things I spoke outloud during my mental break as if I was quoting an authority impromptu and to myself. I think it means: that when humans are functioning at their best we can freeze people out who are toxic to our mission.

It happened to me twice: once was an accident and once was a disease that I had no control over.

If it can be used against me for those stupid reasons it can be used against the Koch’s for their greed.

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