While the Hunters Hunt

It’s difficult to climb a mountain or read a book when the hunters hunt.

When the Koch brothers raise over $800 million to get their candidates elected.

This is war.

This is veterans committing suicide and dying on waiting lines because we underfund their health care,  yet the billionaire hunters hunt for more money.

It used to be tribal…tribes of humans looking after one another.

Now the hunters hunt and cars whiz a million different directions and pollution gets worse and it feels like we’re in our dying Era of human activity and still the hunters hunt.

They can’t get enough money… $10 billion it’s not enough… $20 billion, it’s not enough… $30 billion it’s still not enough…they hunt for more money.

If we could only hospitalize the greedy the way we can hospitalize mental patients and get them away from their tools of warfare against their fellow citizens but alas we can’t…not yet anyway.

When thousands upon tens of thousands of men and women operate for the hunters it takes a sustained resistance…people like Bernie standing up to them.

Taking the time to get educated about the issues and motivate others.

We’re still a community.

I still love my class mates from Middlebury because they were stimulating to be around and we shared a time and a place together.

It’s time we be monkeys.

Monkeys getting territorial about a food source.

They fight you know. I’ve seen video of it.

Monkeys going to war.

The hunters will hunt. There can never be too many suicides or mass shootings or extinction events to stop them from their singleness of purpose to make more money. Yes brothers and sisters they have blood on their hands and still they hunt for more money.

But the monkeys can fight back together.

If you ever loved anyone or anything more than yourself…realize that we are a tribe.

It’s in our DNA to link arms and march into the gunsmoke…they can’t kill us all if we stand together and march on them.

It’s very simple. The hunters want more money… we want more free time, more family time, more community, more learning, more athleticism.

Will you go to war with your brothers and sisters, not a conventional war but a war nonetheless? Primal instincts are in play.  Will you fight for what is right? What is just?

We don’t need another former soldier dead to realize that we need to do more in our short lives than be entertained and pick up a check every Friday.

We must go door to door in our neighborhoods which is a constitutional right and introduce ourselves. We must have our neighbors over for meals… and the rich and famous? Anyone can be famous in a neighborhood or a small town or a city. Let’s love those who have the capability and the interest in loving us back. We give so much attention and money and time to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift…they don’t pick our children up from school when we’re busy…we’re investing our money and energy into the wrong people.

No celebrities get interested in themselves and the illuminati and all the gimmicks and slights and arrogance that goes with being a celebrity. Then celebrities and billionaires like the Koch brothers work together to hunt us for more money.

Each day the means of making that money get trickier and trickier.

What is the point of living in a community when your neighbors lie and cheat and steal from you? When everyone is only interested in themselves? There is no point.

We can do better. We have to do better. It starts with how we raise our children. We really must not corrupt them. We really must show them love and give them an early role to play in the survival of the family: chores etc.

The hunters will hunt because there is nothing in their cold calculating hearts except dollar signs and profit margins, but we can choose to see a beautiful world where every minute of life is precious.

A life where one can hike a mountain, swim in a lake or read a book and not worry that while they are playing people like the Kochs are hunting them.

Let’s resolve right now that we’re here for the right reasons, the pure reasons, the natural reasons. That we are monkeys being hunted.

That we will not die passively…telling ourselves sweet nothings to make all the warning signs go away like the passengers on three of the four airliners that crashed on 9/11. That we will say “let’s role” and rush the attackers and fight to the death…not physically attacking the Kochs but holding sustained political pressure on our representatives until change is hard won and passed.

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