I Love Most Black People

Black people have had it notoriously tough in America. Many of the ancestors of black people started as slaves in America. Meaning their lineage in America goes back further than mine. I’m an Irish/European mutt immigrant.

Now many blacks live in urban America. Vermont is a very white state. I am proud of my northern European heritage but I am fond of most black people.

Many black people are incredible athletes and for their percentage of the population they are over-represented in sports like football and the NBA.

I think every race on this earth deserves a shot at life. I believe in birth control. The population is over run as it is, but I believe every race deserves a shot at life.

Hopefully we will ultimately achieve a one-world community, where every race is celebrated and supported. You wouldn’t believe it was possible based on the world leaders of the world…how belligerent they are…but they are just puppets.

I know this is optimistic: that we can achieve a one-world community.  The more realistic way things will go down is that competition for precious resources will continue to rise with the population and conflict will follow.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we all took a moment to visualize a sustainable world with a sustainable population…maybe all males over the age of 30 (this includes me) make a significant sacrifice for the next generation, whether it’s money or resources or aid.

Maybe we could play survival games where each nation participates in an equal playing field game and the loser nation gets sterilized for that generation. If we continue to over populate the world we risk destroying it.

Of course humans could probably continue living on planet earth if we destroyed the natural habitat but they would be in very small numbers and it wouldn’t be a fun life confined to an atmospheric bubble to protect them from the surface temperature of the earth.

I’ve been trying a lot lately to “let go and let God” but it’s awfully hard to part ways with the human experience for future generations. I want humans to survive for the next million years.

I just believe that if we made the switch to renewables and taxed the wealthy and corporations more almost everybody could live without working. Robots could take our place. And the labor that did have to be done could be split evenly among the people so there aren’t resentments.

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