Vermont Gossip was founded in 2015 by Pulitzer Prize-winning and best-selling author Ron Powers. Ron Powers has lived in Vermont with his wife Honoree Fleming and his two sons, Dean and Kevin Powers since 1987, almost 30 years. Kevin Powers died in 2005.
Ron Powers has a new book coming out soon called “Nobody Cares About Crazy People” which is about the history of mental illness including its effect on Dean and Kevin Powers. Dean suffered from schizophrenia. Kevin suffered from bi-polar and schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder.
Dean Powers grew up in Middlebury, Vermont from 1987 until 1999 then went to college in Colorado at Fort Lewis college and then Colorado State University. He majored in English. He has held various internships at newspapers, was a community organizer and held a mechanic position for two years in Maine. He moved back to Vermont in 2012. He is engaged to Rosemary Gilruth.

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