Rutland Lady Says Rutland is Right for Raising her Kids

Bobby Blaise says Rutland Vermont is a great place to raise her three boys and that the same people who hosted the recent motorcycle rally and some of the concerts downtown are doing great things for children. “They’ve improved definitely. Boys and girls club, skate park, Killington just put in the bike park in.”

I caught up with Blaise, 39, Monday August 31st. She says she loves living in Vermont. Blaise is currently unemployed and she sees raising her three boys as being more important than working at this time.

“I was born in Middlebury,” Blaise said, “Bounced back to Rutland and back to Middlebury a few times. Decided to come back to Rutland because it’s an easier way of life. I liked to walk a lot and it’s easier with the kids to get to school.”

Blaise is a Bernie Sanders fan and she doesn’t think the local media are giving Sanders enough coverage. “I’d like to see Bernie bring us back to the JFK days,” she said.

Blaise says drugs are a problem in Rutland. “The same is true all over Vermont,” she said. She believes that drug testing should be mandatory for all jobs and welfare recipients.

She believes Rutland is better off without a college. She blames Middlebury college for driving local kids out of state.

She says Rutland police are overall “excellent.” She says she has had her ups and downs with them.